Gain clarity. Attract your audience. Grow your business.


Ever wonder why you stumble over your words when someone asks you what you do for a living? Or why your website still doesn’t feel quite right, even though you’ve spent countless hours trying to improve it? It’s because you can’t confidently or effectively market something you’re not crystal clear on. Let’s fix that, aye?

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Illuminations 1:1 Brand + Business Strategy Intensive

A 12-week deep-dive into the heart and soul of your business, giving you the clarity you crave to move your business forward with integrity. Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  • Brand Story: Who you are, how you help, why it matters
  • Target Audience: Who you aspire to serve
  • Business Model: Offerings, pricing, infrastructure
  • Competitive Differentiation: Secret sauce
  • Marketing: Messaging, presence, website flow
  • Persona: Voice, style, vibe, personality

Together, we'll brand your brilliance. 


Group programs are great, but they lack the 1:1 attention you need.

When we work together, it's all eyes on you. It's not about the latest trends or what's working for somebody else. It's about cutting to the core of who YOU are...what YOU want...how YOU best connect with others. And once we figure it all out? We make a plan to move it forward. You'll be excited about your business again. Your confidence will skyrocket. You'll be back in your zone where the magic happens. 

During our eight weeks together, you have VIP access to the shenanigans of my creative brain space.  This means I'll be jamming on your business while I grocery shop, exercise, and shower (and of course, during work hours as well). In a nutshell: I'm all in. 

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Let’s shed some light on things – together. 


Program curriculum + homework
Five 90-minute intensive calls over a 12-week period
My in-depth review of your homework prior to our calls
Email support in between calls
Illuminations Brand + Business Roadmap: Complete definition for and strategy of your brand and business from the inside out. Includes  your 90-day action plan.
One accountability follow-up call, to be held within 30-days of program completion.  


The results? Clear definition of success on your terms, a holistic brand positioning strategy, and focused, actionable direction on how to move your business forward.


What does the process look like?

Step 1:  Schedule a no pressure coffee chat so we can get to know each other.  
Step 2:  You get really excited and decide you’d like to work with me. Yes!
Step 3:  I’ll shoot you over our program agreement + invoice.
Step 4: We’ll spend the next several weeks working through the program sessions (session = you do some homework, I review it, we have a call via phone or Skype audio).
Step 5: I’ll spend a week or so creating your Brand + Business Roadmap.
Step 6: We’ll have our final call to walk-through the roadmap and spring you into action.

What’s it cost?

$3,700 – Paid in full, upfront, OR
$3,975 – 3-month payment plan  (Need a longer payment plan? I'll work with you.)

Weekly time commitment?

About 2 hours (ish).  
Prefer to condense this 12-week program down to 8 weeks instead? We can do that. 

Offered as a group program?

NOPE. This is all about 1:1 attention. All eyes on you. But you can scope our other group events here. 

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“After swooning over my Brand Plan for the 80th time, I had to let you know how much you ladies GET me & I adore it all!  The branding, mood board, and all of your guidance give me crystal clarity! Thank you for being my clarity coach & goddess!”      - Amy Rose Carrillo, amyrosecarrillo.com


“I cannot begin to explain the clarity and value that Shannon has brought to us. She has a way of communicating that makes her clients feel important, valued and truly listened to. This is truly the work she is meant to do — and our results from her coaching have proved exactly that. I cannot thank you enough, Shannon, for the perspective, strategic out-of-the-box ideas and the love you've provided us over the last few years!”     - Britt Hyatt, launchyourdaydream.com

Imagine how much easier marketing will be when you can
confidently express who you are and what you offer – your way. .