Illuminations: A 6-month VIP branding incubator program to gain clarity, create your brand, and take your business to new heights.


You've got information coming at you from a zillion different directions, right? The courses you've taken offer proven formulas, funnels templates, swipe files - the latest and greatest business-building blueprints. You've got dozens of FG group mini-tribes and access to marketing gurus (well, sort of - you get to ask a question or two on a group call 2x/month). It's all right there at your fingertips. Yet you're still struggling to organize your ideas, structure your offerings, and establish pricing that feels good to you. You're still stumbling over your words when someone asks you what you do for a living. You're still hesitant to hand out your business cards because you're embarrassed about your website. Want to know why? 

Your unique business cannot be molded into a template. 

You don't need more information. What you need is someone who can take what you already have and filter it through an authenticity funnel.  You need a team of creatives + strategic thinkers who can see your big picture and help you work backward to implement. You need partners who are connected to all of the pieces of your big, beautiful puzzle. It's about building the foundation, making the big decisions, and creating the brand and business that fits your mold, not someone else's. The reason marketing feels hard is because you can’t confidently or effectively market something you’re not crystal clear on. We're here to change that.  

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Illuminations 1:1 Brand + Business Intensive

A 6-month deep-dive into the heart and soul of your business, giving you the clarity, foundation, and confidence needed to propel yourself forward. Training. Coaching. Mentorship. Branding. Planning. We’ll cover: 

  • Ideal clients:  Who they are & why you’re the best fit for them
  • Value: Demonstrating how you solve their urgent problems
  • Offerings: Packaging & pricing your services for profit & longevity
  • Competitive Differentiation: Your secret sauce
  • Marketing: Effective messaging, soulful sales training, & a marketing starter kit
  • New Brand: Fully developed strategy and brand/logo design
  • Team + Tribe:  Determining the team members you need to make magic happen (paid or unpaid)
  • Accountability: Plans, implementation, success
  • Mindset: Owning your worth, imposter syndrome, law of attraction

Together, we'll brand your brilliance. 


            Group programs are great, but they lack the 1:1 attention you need.

When we work together, it's all eyes on you. It's not all about the latest trends or what's working for somebody else (although we can certainly speak to those).  It's about cutting to the core of who you are...what you want...how you best connect with others. And once we figure it all out? We make a plan to move it forward. You'll be excited about your business again. You'll have a stunning new brand. Your confidence will skyrocket. You'll be back in your zone where the magic happens. 

During our 16 weeks together, you have VIP access to the shenanigans of our collective creative brain space.  This means we'll be jamming on your business while we grocery shop, exercise, and shower (and of course, during work hours as well). In a nutshell: We're all in. And when that time is up?  We're still in! You can continue working with us in short + sweet doses, as your business requires. And even better - we'll introduce you to our collective of digital marketing mavens when you need some help sorting all the tech stuff, too. No more trying to piece your team together (losing your brand and your mind in the process). We're all right here.   


the Strategist. the Creative. the Sales Goddess.

(Meet your team):


Clarity. Creation. Connection.

Structure. Accountability. Implementation. 

It's not a program - it's a partnership. Let’s shed some light on things, together. 

  • Program curriculum + brand reveal work.
  • Three 90-minute strategy intensive calls to define your brand + business. 
  • Pinterest board collaboration to further develop your brand vibe.
  • Our in-depth review of your brand reveal work prior to our calls.
  • Unlimited email support in between calls.
  • Brand Strategy Roadmap: A beautifully designed summary of your brand and business strategy from the inside out (everything we’ve defined over the course of the program, designed to match the vibe of your brand).      
  • Custom 90-Day action plan to identify the most important steps to take in the first three months following our time together.
  • Two sales mentorship intensive calls with Amy Rose Carrillo, Soulful Sales Coach, to tackle money mindset, sales conversations + conversions, and law of attraction.
  • New brand identity - Logo, fonts, colors, submark, patterns/textures, presented in a cohesive style guide.
  • Eight hours of Digital Strategy + Tech Support with Jen Peck, Digital Marketing Strategist, to help create your marketing strategy and get you over the tech hurdles.
  • Marketing Starters - Facebook page design, business card + stationary design
  • One accountability follow-up call, to be held within 30-days of program completion.

(Yes, all of this!)

The results? Clear definition of success on your terms, a stunning new brand, an effective positioning strategy, and focused, actionable direction to move your business forward successfully.


What does the process look like?

Step 1:  Schedule a complimentary brand audit call to explore if Illuminations is right for you.
Step 2:  Should we mutually agree to move forward, you'll secure your entry by paying a $500 non-refundable deposit and signing our participation agreement.
Step 3:  You will be added to the Illuminations waitlist. Next available opening: June 2018. 
Step 4: Once we begin, you'll be responsible for your first months payment. We’ll spend the next 12 weeks working through the program sessions and brand reveal work.
Step 5: Once all sessions are complete, we'll spend the next 12 weeks creating your Brand Roadmap,  90-Day Action Plan, Brand Identity, and Digital Marketing Strategy. 

What's the weekly time commitment?

On average, about two hours per week. 

What's the cost?

Here she is, in full transparency:  $9,700. Paid as follows:                                                                                            * Program deposit - $700 (needed to secure entry, non-refundable)                                                                         * Each additional month over 6-month period - $1,500 (totaling $9,00)                                                                No "fast-action" or "pay-in-full" discounts - just a straightforward, predictable investment.                                              

Offered as a group program?

NOPE. This is all about 1:1 attention. All eyes on you. And because this program is such a high-touch offering, we're only able to accept two new clients per month. But we certainly value group connection! Hop on over to our Facebook community, Three Moons Brand Camp, where we share inspiration and resources on the daily!

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“This power team is a necessity for any experienced or budding business! These women have been an absolute asset to the growth of my business!”  -Jess Ryan, ourrealwork.com  


"The best way to describe Three Moons Collective is 'handcrafted.' They took the time to truly understand who I am and the vision for my business. In the end, the resulting partnership and business launch was beautiful. I could not have done it without them." -Gina Sigel, blackmarketfarm.com


“I cannot begin to explain the clarity and value that Shannon has brought to us. She has a way of communicating that makes her clients feel important, valued and truly listened to. This is truly the work she is meant to do — and our results from her coaching have proved exactly that. I cannot thank you enough, Shannon, for the perspective, strategic out-of-the-box ideas and the love you've provided us over the last few years!”  -Britt Hyatt, launchyourdaydream.com



Whether you’re launching a new business or evolving an existing one, Illuminations will light the way.

Imagine how much easier your marketing will be when you can
confidently express who you are and what you offer – your way.


Given the limited number of program openings (2/month) and high-level of personal interaction, it's incredibly important that we are a good fit for each other. Schedule a brand audit call and we'll review where you're stuck, where you want to be, and make sure that Illuminations is the program that will move you forward.