A New Moon for Papermoon

New moons are everything to us. They are a rebirth; a renewal; a fresh start.  Every month, we have a clean slate, with purified energy and a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Sometimes these are subtle shifts. Other times, they are biggies. Today is a biggie for us.

Three years ago, Beth and I started Papermoon, our branding agency that had been in the making for several years prior. This journey has brought us some tough lessons, some amazing accomplishments, and more growth than either of us could’ve imagined. Today, we’re beyond excited to announce the re-launch of our business, under a different name – Three Moons Collective.  

We’re still creating kick-ass brands, packaging, and marketing materials. We’re still the best of friends. And we’re still being guided by the moon. So what’s changed?

We’re saying goodbye to some things, and helllooooo to others.

Goodbye to:

Website Development. (But don’t worry, we’ve got some rockstar development partners to collaborate with and refer you to!)

And a big HELL YEAH HELLO to:

Visibility. It’s time to share some of these lessons we’ve learned. And our expertise. This means blogging. This means Facebook live videos. This means speaking engagements. It even means being willing to be vulnerable and potentially criticized for our opinions. And that’s beautiful.

Coaching. Rebranding your business can be intense. We’ve formalized a process to guide you through it before we ever talk color palettes. (One-off sessions have a place here, too.)

Events. We’ll be putting on in-person workshops, retreats, and more. We’re creating unique experiences to help you step away from your screens and into the magic of digging deep into your business and connecting with other amazing women.  (Check out Brand Camp 2018 – it’s gonna be epic.)

What does three moons collective mean?

The three moons in our logo (which hasn’t changed) symbolize our branding process: Clarify; Create; Connect. We help business owners clarify their messaging and create their brand so they can connect with their audience and grow their business. Collectively, we are the whole package for your brand: strategy + design, right brain + left brain, intuition + logic. And whatever we don’t do? We have a collective of referable partners who can.

We invite you to continue the conversation with us by joining our private Facebook group –  three moons Brand Camp. In the community, you’ll find meaningful guidance, connection, and resources for growing your brand and business.  Look forward to seeing you there!

Cheers, Shannon